Our Motivation

En la cumbre del Huayna Picchu - Cuzco - Perú

We believe the desire for travel to be an instinct installed in everyone, just like staring at a fire or gazing up at the stars. People have gathered for ages around a fire for warmth and food; just as they have traveled for ages in search of that food, and spiritual warmth. It is only a historical fraction ago that society became sedentary. Our main motivation today must be knowledge, nevertheless, we find knowledge to be linked to travel, and even if it weren’t, we can recognize the nomad gene has prevailed within us.

En la cumbre del Huayna Picchu - Cuzco - Perú

At the summit of Huayna Picchu – Cuzco – Peru

Map / 3D view of Huayna Picchu (mountain behind Machu Picchu) of Google Earth. if you are not installed, can request that will install the plugin

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