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Ever since he was a little boy, Silvio dreamt about a journey around the world (and who didn’t?). Almost a decade ago he confessed this dream to his wife Carla, and they’ve been working together to make it come true ever since. Alongside their four children: Ornella, Lara, Fabricio and Patricio, they will travel more than 300,000 km in a period of 80 months, during which they’ll visit 5 continents and over 110 countries. With the sole premise of total freedom, they will travel on and off-road to reach untamed nature, thus living an amazing adventure that will take them through large cities and small towns, sharing cultures in the territories of the strange and unknown, and eventually, the end of world. Baptized with the name of “Freedom,” their means of transportation is a vehicle designed by themselves to serve as a mobile home modified to run on used cooking oil collected during the trip with the purpose of proving that alternative and renewable fuels are nowadays a pragmatic reality. Motor homes run on cooking oil prevent vehicle related contamination and CO2 emissions. Additionally, the vehicle will carry a 7 Kw diesel generator that will also run on cooking oil, solar panels and a wind power portable generator.

Todos con "Libertad"
Todos con "Libertad"

Their intention is to leave upon their children a legacy of awareness related to the preservation of the ecology. Though the ecological harm of the past is done, their intention is that of preserving its remains through the individual efforts that arise from an environment-friendly philosophy. Their mission is to document the effects of climate change through notes, photography, and video feedback shared via their webpage: They will also give free conferences on global warming and renewable energy resources at educational institutions or where solicited, interested entities must fill out the form found on their website. Furthermore, they intend to spread the habit of planting trees as a means of reducing atmospheric temperature. Generating an individual effort of change is what they consider the key behind a global result. This is why they request open collaboration in spreading their message and in finding new initiatives capable of producing global changes from individual efforts.

Nuestros hijos (2011)
Nuestros hijos (2011)

In order to make this trip possible, Silvio and his family have had to detach from friends, family, and a considerable amount of material property that was unknowingly anchoring them away from their dream. Leaving behind the securities of work and routine, they set out with many fears and uncertainties, but also with much joy and conviction. Their journey will probably develop differently from what was planned and expected, but the basic initiative will hold as they transit through fields, mountain ranges, valleys, coastlines, jungles, ruins, temples and above all: different cultures and the infinite possibility of new friendships.

The greatest benefit this trip will provide is the luxury of time away from routine, and closest to a sharing family environment. It is both a journey abroad, and within themselves. A  regression to the habits our grandparents had regarding the cultivation of social bonding. “Time” will be exploited to avoid leaving places before they can do so with the knowledge of new languajes and foreign cultural baggage.  Initially they all intend to learn at least German, French, English, Italian and Portuguese but the kids will probably learn a wider spectrum.

Another objective is to produce quality digital documentation of each destination. This will include local music recordings, more than 1,500 hoursof additional audio, around 2,000 hours of video and 100,000 photographs. The material gathered will be used to produce a movie and will be shared online or given to educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and anyone else interested in receiving and sharing the family’s message.

Though their message is existential, it isnt necessarily contradictory of 21’st century technology. Wherever WIFI isn’t available, they hope receive help from friends with local internet connectivity to constantly update the webpage and maintain the children’s online education. They take with them a personal computer for the editing and compilation of audiovisual material. Additionally, the computer will help control the vehicle’s security system and provide satellite navegation.  A netbook will also be taken to stay in virtual touch while they visit places the mobile home can’t reach.

Journey Related Figures.

•    80 months of travel, 2400 days.
•    More than 300.000 Km
•    Average of 2700 Km
•    More than 7 times the distance around the world
•    75.000 litres of renewable and biodegradable fuel (used vegetable oil)
•    Smallest country visited will be Vatican City (60.44 km²).
•    Largest will be Russia (17.075.200 km²).
•    Over 110 countries.
•    Over 200 customs
•    25 years of marriage will be celbrated during the journey.
•    Each family member will learn a minimum of 5 new languajes.

As a closing statement they tell us “we wish to make anyone we meet a participate of our journey, to share the experience and receive help related to logistics, contacts, etc. If you or anyone you know can help us in any way we will be grateful for life!”

Itinerary of countries to be visited:

Itinerario - Una Familia, Un sueño, Un Viaje - La Vuelta al Mundo en 80 Meses
Itinerario - Una Familia, Un sueño, Un Viaje - La Vuelta al Mundo en 80 Meses

Buenos Aires Argentina until Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego beginning of the Pan-American trail, this will be both the official starting point and ending of our trip. Argentina 1, Uruguay 2, Argentina, Chile 3, Peru 4, Ecuador 5, Peru, Bolivia 6, Paraguay 7, Argentina, Brasil 8, (in Belém to navigate the Amazon until Manaos), Venezuela 9, Guyana 10, Trinidad y Tobago 11, Venezuela, Colombia 12 navigating to Panama through el paso del Darién. Panama 13, Costa Rica 14, Nicaragua 15, Honduras 16, El Salvador 17, Guatemala 18, Belice19, Cuba20, Jamaica 21, Haiti 22, Dominican Republic 23, Puerto Rico 24 (to be defined if we will ship the motorhome through these islands). México 25, EEUU 26, Canada 27, Alaska (EEUU), Canada, EEUU to the west coast, where we will get on a RO-RO ship (motorhome included) all the way to Europe, we are looking for ships that will also take passengers, as to avoid separating from the motorhome. Belgium 28, UK 29, Ireland 30, Netherlands 31, Germany 32, Denmark 33, Sweden 34, Norway 35, Poland 36, Lithuania 37, Leetonia 38, Estonia 39, Russia 40, Byelorussia 41, Ukraine 42, Rumania 43, Bulgaria 44, Greece 45, Macedonia 46, Albania 47, Bosnia Herzegovina 48, Croatia 49, Slovenia 50, Hungary 51, Slovakia 52, Czech Republic 53, Austria 54, Liechtenstein 55, Germany, Switzerland 56, Italy 57, San Marino 58, Vatican City 59, Monaco 60,  France 61, Spain 62, Portugal 63. Morocco 64, Argelia 65, Tunes 66, Libya 67, Egypt 68, Israel 69, Libano 70, Syria 71, Turkey 72, Jordan 73, Israel, Egypt, Sudan 74, Eritrea 75, Yibuti 76, Ethiopia 77, Somalia 78, Kenya 79, Tanzania 80, Mozambique 81, sailing to Madagascar 82, South Africa 83, Lesotho 84, South Africa, Zimbabwe 85, Zambia 86, Congo 87, Uganda 88, Sudan, Ethiopia, Yibuti, Yemen 89, Oman 90, United Arab Emirates 91, Qatar 92, Kuwait 93, Iran 94, Pakistan 95, India 96,  Nepal 97, Bangladesh 98, Myanmar 99, Thailand 100, Cambodia 101, Laos 102, Vietnam 103, China 104, South Korea 105, Japan 106, China, Hong Kong 107, Vietnam, Indonesia 108, Papua New Guinea 109, Australia 110 sailing to Chile and/or Argentina.