South America
Argentina1 Ecuador5 Brasil8
Uruguay2 Peru Venezuela9
Argentina Bolivia6 Guyana10
Chile3 Paraguay7 Trinidad y Tobago11
Peru4 Argentina Columbia12

Note: This is the itinerary we are planning to undertake however it may vary according to the conditions which present themselves (climate, politics, wars, etc.) We will leave from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and travel to Ushuaia (Argentina), the beginning of the pan-American route. This will be the official starting point and the destination to which we will return. In Belem (Brazil) we will board a raft which will travel up the Amazon River to Manaos. In Venezuela or Columbia (depending on costs and availability of boats) we will take a boat to sidestep the Darien Gap.

Central America
Panama13 El Salvador17
Costa Rica14 Guatemala18
Nicaragua15 Belize19
Note: We will rejoin our caravan in the port of Panama in order to continue our journey around Central America
North America and the Caribbean
Cuba20 Mexico25
Jamaica21 USA26
Haiti22 Canada27
Dominican Republic23 Alaska (USA)
Puerto Rico24 Canada
Note: In the Caribbean Islands it will be decided whether we take the Motor-home o whether we take a different vehicle in each island. From the USA, we will take a RO – RO vessel (a ship with built-in ramps which allow the cargo to be “rolled on” and “rolled off”) to Europe. We will try to find a ship which admits passengers in order to avoid being separated from our “Home”.
Belgium28 Russia40 Slovakia52
United Kingdom29 Belarus41 Czech Republic53
Ireland30 Ukraine42 Austria54
Netherlands31 Romania43 Liechtenstein55
Germany32 Bulgaria44 Switzerland56
Denmark33 Greece45 Italy57
Sweden34 Macedonia46 San Marino58
Norway35 Albania47 Vatican59
Poland36 Bosnia Herzegovina48 Monaco60
Lithuania37 Croatia49 France61
Latvia38 Slovenia50 Spain62
Estonia39 Hungary51 Portugal63
Morocco64 Ethiopia77 South Africa
Algeria65 Somalia78 Zimbabwe85
Tunisia66 Kenya79 Zambia86
Libia67 Tanzania80 Congo87
Egypt68 Mozambique81 Uganda88
Sudan74 Madagascar82 Sudan
Eritrea75 South Africa83 Ethiopia
Djibouti76 Lesotho84 Djibouti
Pakistan96 Thailand101 South Korea106
India97 Cambodia102 Japan107
Nepal98 Laos103 China
Bangladesh99 Vietnam104 Hong Kong109
Myanmar100 China105 Vietnam
Papua New Guinea110
New Zealand112


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