Though family travel around the world has few recorded cases, we have searched and documented the experiences of people who have or are doing it. Our recorded cases include hitchhikers, bike riders, motorcyclists, and people who travel in cars or trucks. We have traced their journeys to aid is in planning ours. We have reached the Newtonian conclusion that “riding on the shoulders of giants helps us see a further horizon.”

Con Cande y Herman Zapp -cuando volvieron de Alaska - nos ayudaron a darle impulso a nuestro viaje (2003)
With Herman and Cande Zapp, when they returned from Alaska –  helped give impetus to our trip (2003)
Con Eneko y Mijuki de Acercando el Mundo
With Eneko and Mijuki of Acercando el Mundo
Despedida de Cande y Herman partiendo a Asia (2007)
Despedida de Cande y Herman partiendo a Asia en el Obelisco – Buenos Aires – Argentina (2007)

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