Playa Santa María - Perú (1990 -1991)

In search of lost time

The greatest benefit this trip will provide is the luxury of time away from routine, and closest to a sharing family environment. It is both a journey abroad, and within Ourselves.

A  regression to the habits our grandparents had regarding the cultivation of social bonding. “Time” will be exploited to avoid leaving places before we can do so with the knowledge of new languages and foreign cultural baggage.

Initially we all intend to learn at least German, French, English, Italian and Portuguese but the kids will probably learn a wider spectrum.

Playa Santa María - Perú (1990 -1991)
Playa Santa María – Perú (1990 -1991)


Map / 3D view of Huayna Picchu (mountain behind Machu Picchu) of Google Earth. if you are not installed, can request that will install the plugin

Pizzería Olivia

Hacía mucho que no comíamos unas ricas Pizzas y Esteban uno de los dueños de las Pizzerías Oliva de Medellín nos curso una invitación a

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En la Quinta Laguacoto

Nos invitaron a la Quinta Laguacoto, Valeria, Fabian, don Rodrigo y Susy sus dueños, descubrimos un gran lugar desarrollado por Susy y Rodrigo, que plantaron

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El Barrilito Express

Ya hemos recorrido distintos lugares increíbles de Trujillo – Perú como son los sitios Arqueológicos de las culturas Mochica en Chan Chan, el bonito centro

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